This blog is written by long-time traveler and adventurer, Holly Jobe who is curious about the world and its many cultures, climates, peoples, flora, fauna and is passionate about supporting women and girls to be educated and empowered.

Contact:  holly.jobe@gmail


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Maggie January 15, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Wishing you well on your travels and looking forward to following along and sharing in your experiences.


  2. Carol W. January 27, 2015 / 12:43 pm

    Hi Holly! My name is Carol Whitmore and I am a former delegate of the USDFFAW. I was blessed and honored to have met this extraordinary group of women 10 years ago, and have traveled with them several times. So glad there is another educator in the group! I am so grateful that Cathi shared the link to your wonderful blog. Your writing is vivid and eloquent. THANK YOU for taking the time to do these entries. I know the pace of these delegation trips, and it does not leave much time for anything else other than sleep!! I love your pictures as well, and it is fun to see some of my former room-mates and dear friends in the group shots. Please give them my best with a hug. I eagerly look forward to reading more of your excellent blog as you experience this amazing journey with some of my favorite people :).


    • hjobe January 27, 2015 / 5:28 pm

      Thank you, Carol – Beth Fluke is my roomie and friend who invited me. It is a wonderful group of women as you said – I am SOO enjoying the trip and it is hard to keep up the blog – there are so many wonderful people and programs here!


  3. katejobek February 1, 2015 / 1:47 am

    I finally finished my month long German intensive. Now i have time to peek into your blog. It’s fabulous! I just love the pictures and your writing. Looking forward to hearing more. sending big hugs, Kate


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